Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Used To HATE Sunday Nights

I guess I used to hate Sunday nights because I had to get ready for work on Monday morning.  We would always get the "blahs" on sunday evenings.  Not anymore!!

Now I love Sundays.  Especially after such a FULL week of ministry like this week!  We were exhausted, but the good kind of exhausted, like you have just accomplished something.  

We got home late this afternoon and we ALL took a nap.  I love taking naps in the fall with the windows open and a football game on in the background.  The kids slept until almost 6.  That's enough to rejoice about right there=)

We had a huge bowl of KIX and headed outside and played until we couldn't see anymore, then we headed in and had dinner.  Nothing like leftover mac-n-cheese that's been sitting on the stove since lunchtime!  

Our kids seem to always be the cutest and play the nicest right before it's time to go to bed (does this happen to anyone else?) and we hated to interrupt this "happy heart" time so they didn't end up getting in bed until after 9pm.  But Monday is our day off so who cares, right?!

Josh and I are also getting pretty hooked on the show, FRINGE.  It comes on on Tuesdays and we usually have CharlotteONE, but you can watch them on the internet for FREE so we watched Tuesday's episode, along with a couple LOST episodes (we're slowly but surely catching up on that show).

What a good day=)

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