Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Heart Chart

The Happy Heart Chart

Josh's mom found these reward charts and gave them to me.  I made them into "Happy Heart Charts" for Rainy and Zeke.  I must say that Areyna "gets it" better than Zeke because of her age, but her enthusiasm is helping Zeke understand the whole concept.  She loves it so much that her first groggy words after peeling off the covers this morning were, "can I have my happy heart sticker?".  

Here are some things we give "Happy Heart Stickers For"...

1-Going potty before we leave the house or before nite-nite time, "just to see if anything comes out".  She rarely has accidents anymore, but she has a really hard time going when I ask her to.  I think she feels like I don't trust her to tell me on her own.  This is working really well.
2-For helping Zeke stay in bed like a big boy=)  She likes to be a helper.
3- For obeying "all the way, right away, with a happy heart" during times that are usually difficult for her.

1-For waking up and STAYING IN BED and being "patient" for mommy and daddy to tell him he can get out of bed, INSTEAD of getting up, banging on the door and/or crying/screaming.
2-For obeying "all the way, right away, with a happy heart" just about ANYTIME.  This is REALLY difficult for him.

We're still working on the list of things to get stickers for, but it is really fun to see them get excited about having "happy hearts"!

When they get a whole row complete with happy heart stickers (10 in each row) they get a surprise.  The first one is a sucker.  Any other simple, small, cheap ideas for "surprises"?
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