Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Few Must Have's

When Josh and I found out we were having a second child we started searching for the perfect double stroller.  We only wanted to have 1 double stroller, as opposed to a jogger, umbrella, regular, etc., since they take up so much room.  So, we figured a jogger would be the best universal double stroller for us, since we spent a lot of time exercising.  Unfortunately we didn't have $300+ to spend on one.  We found one on Craig's List that would suffice.  We got it for $100, which was a GREAT deal, but I have since learned a few more things to look for other than a great deal=)

It Must Have:

1-An umbrella that can move ALL THE WAY up and down.  
Ours only covers the top and back.  What happens when the sun is right in front of us?  For some reason this ALWAYS seems to be the case=)

2-At least 1 cup holder.  I can't steer this thing with one hand!

3-I hate how front heavy a front/back double stroller is and how if feels like steering a boat, 
but anything beats getting stuck at the Billy Graham Library entrance 
with 50 senior citizens in line behind you! Ours is way too wide for most entrances.

4-Better storage.  I can't hardly fit ANYTHING under the seats because there is a
metal bar that is only a couple of inches above the storage pouch making it 
impossible to put anything in those "deep pockets"!

5-Compartments.  Our regular, single stroller had a compartment up on the 
handlebars for keys, money, crackers, etc.  That sure would be nice.

6-The swivel wheel.  Ours DOES have this and it is one of the only positive things about
the beast.  I can lock it in place when we're jogging or unlock it to swivel
 quickly around corners in the store.

Are you a picky stroller user?  What does your stroller ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE?

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