Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After The First Day

Last night after dinner I was playing with the kids.  Areyna's big thing lately is to pretend to be our waitress and take our order.  Well, she came in the room and here is the conversation that occurred:

Areyna:  "Okay guys, I am your teacher.  What would you like to eat?"  

Me:  "Okay, ummm, I'd like to have a PB&J sandwich and ..."

Areyna:  "Oh, no.  I mean, I'm a teacher so you can't eat!" (she forgot that she changed occupations)

Me:  "Well, what does a teacher do?"

Areyna:  "A teacher doesn't take orders of what you would like, so you can't eat."

Me:  "What DOES a teacher do, then?"

Areyna: "They write things in folders=)"

After a few minutes more of playing school she told me that after school we needed to go out to eat at a restaurant.  I asked where her and Zeke's favorite places to eat were and here are the answers because I KNOW you're dying to know...
Areyna: Applepiece's - I think she meant Applebee's=)
Zeke:  "with daddy"

Zeke and I did survive our first day without Areyna.  We enjoyed going to the grocery store and coloring LOTS of pictures.  He ended up wanting to lay in Rainy's bed and rest for the rest of roomtime and he finished well=)

Areyna liked her first day of school.  She already told me about of couple of "friends" that she has "because they talk nice to me!"  
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