Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This was ALL we did yesterday=(  Pitiful...

Here's just one more reason to LOVE CVS.   It's called The Minute Clinic.  My friend Jenn told me about it and I think it will be a life saver the more we travel (and get sick).  You walk right up to the clinic counter inside of CVS and they'll take your insurance info.  You only get charged the normal Dr. co-pay and they'll get you your prescriptions right in the same store.  It is so fast, easy and convenient, especially when you are out of town.  Josh ended up having Strep throat and after less than 24 hr. on antibiotics he is feeling much better.  Zeke is finally getting back to his old self too=)  Thanks for your prayers.

So, what are we in Raleigh for?  It is called Two|Four.  Check out the link and find out what it's all about.  It's at 8:30pm TONIGHT @ Richland Creek.  If you live in or near the Raleigh area you're not going to want to miss this!!!
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