Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bye-Bye Motorola

That's right.  I have said good-bye to my battery-dying Motorola for the last time!  I've always heard that Motorola phones are prone to have a short battery life and I can attest to that rumor.  I had the phone for a year and after about a year the battery would die after only a few short minutes on the phone.  Ahhhh!  I would get cut off after just an introduction and I hate not being able to say "bye" when I get off the phone (there's just something to be said about closure).  Not only that, but my mom absolutely HATES getting cut off on the phone too=)  Sorry, mom!

Well, it was a glorious day when I got the message last July that I had a free upgrade awaiting me.  (It was only the 1-year upgrade so I should have waited longer to get a better phone)  I ordered it but absolutely hated the new phone so I never even activated it.  Instead, I went to the store and just bought a new battery for my Motorola because I liked my original one so much.  I know, you frugal ladies are gasping right now=)  Anyway, I asked the guy that helped me at the store if he knew why the battery life of Motorola's tend to be so...well...crappy.  He just said that I have been charging it wrong and that nothing is wrong with Motorola batteries.  

So, this past year I have done exactly what the guy said: Only charge the battery when it is completely dead (not every night, all night) and then, only 1 hour for every battery bar on your phone.  But low and behold, this July rolls around and how's my battery doing???  DEAD after only a few short minutes. was driving me CRAZY.  

I do have an awesome husband that gave me his 2-year upgrade and HERE's the beauty that I got.  But here's the best part, yes it was absolutely FREE (even the shipping), but it has such cute ringtones.  I know it's bad when I judge the phone by its ringtones, but I'm a girl and my phone has got to sound good=)

So, farewell Motorola!!  
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