Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Of Many?

Yesterday I walked into something that I didn't quite know how to handle.  

We were packing up to come to VA because we're leading worship at a 3-day Collegiate Conference.  I walked in the kitchen to get a few essentials and as soon as I entered the room Areyna spun around and shut the pantry door.  You could see the guilt ALL OVER HER FACE!!  Both of her hands were clasped shut behind her back and she was speechless.

I knew EXACTLY what she had in those sweaty little hands.  See, earlier that morning she had inquired about the little plastic container on the bottom shelf in the pantry that held a package of M&M's.  She knew where they were, she knew they were easily accessible and, after asking for some, she KNEW she wasn't allowed to have any...until she ate a good lunch of course=)

So, without saying anything, I walked out of the room to go find Josh and tell him what had happened while trying not to laugh.  Areyna timidly followed me to go talk to her daddy while she awaited her doom.  I really didn't know how to handle this since she has never really tried to be so sneaky.  So I bent down and said, "Oh Areyna, did you get some M&M's for me and daddy?"  To which she sheepishly replied with a smile and a bit of relief on her face, "No, I got 1 for me and 1 for Zeke."  She held out her hands to show us 1 M&M in each with green and brown food coloring melted all over her fingers.

How sweet, at least she was thinking of others too!

We just explained to her that she needs to ask us before she goes and gets things out the pantry next time (especially if it's something she knows she isn't supposed to have).

Josh just looked at me with a grin and said, "God is just getting you back!"  
Come on, I was never "sneaky" when I was growing up...right mom???
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