Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Favorite Words

Usually my "Words Of Wisdom" posts come from my 3-year old daughter, but Zeke is getting quite a vocabulary and starting to put cute sentences together. 

Let me just tell you a few of his Favorite words lately.  Next to each word is the parental interpretation=)
"Peebee Butoh" - Peanut Butter
"Fapuccido" - Frappuccino
"DBS!!" - CVS
"Dapos" - Samples
"Peedahtees" - Pilates
"Det Das" - Get Gas
"Ebow" - Elbow (that's wrestling with daddy)
"Uh-oh Neenee" - Uh-oh Rainy (usually when he can't find Areyna)

*Can you tell who has the greatest influence in his life right now?=)
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