Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bugs and Choo-choo Trains

Zeke turned 2 today!! 

We had a birthday weekend with fireworks on Friday (I'll post about that later), small group cookout Saturday and B-day party on Sunday. Not quite the birthday week that our pastor and his family have, but pretty close=)
We have been traveling so much that we have had to cancel small group for SEVERAL weeks in a row.  And being the 4th of July weekend and all ,AND because we were going through small group withdrawals, we held a cookout at our house for everyone on Saturday.  Wow, one thing I am not is a "Party Diva".  A little exhausting for my introverted self, but so much fun=)  We had cars lined up all the way down the culdesac.

Then today, Zeke's actual birthday, we all came home after church and took naps.  Then we woke up and had breakfast for dinner.  Zeke had a triple-decker pancake birthday cake with a Thomas The Train theme.  Some of his favorite presents were his Thomas The Train cars, a bug-catcher and a cool big boy sleeping bag.  What a GREAT day!!

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