Friday, June 20, 2008

Solutions and Home Cooking

We made it back a little after midnight last night.  My poor dad drove all the way from Denver to Colorado Springs in complete silence while Josh and I struggled to keep our mouths shut while nodding in and out of consciousness.  Our luggage didn't make it with us but should be delivered tonight or tomorrow morning.  Praise the Lord our luggage at least made it to Hungary=)  It was so good to wake up to Zeke and Rainy singing and giggling.  I missed those sounds so badly!

Well, if you read my last post you know that we didn't have water, therefore unable to take showers before our trek home.  BUT, Josh had a solution.  We lathered up with shampoo and body wash, put our bathing suites on and RAN across campus and directly jumped into the swimming pool.  Man, was that cold, but it definitely woke us up and cleaned us off=)  

Now, I'm sitting here catching up on e-mail, trying to keep my eyes open, and waiting for the feast my mom is preparing for dinner.  Hopefully it won't include any forms of potatoes and pasta=)
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