Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FYI #5

What is the picture that flashes in your mind when you think of a "typical" missionary?  I bet it's NOT this!!  Take a closer look and you'll see what I'm talking about=)  You can cross-reference this guy from Josh's post a couple of days ago about a family that is ministering to the gypsies in Romania.  He was dressed up last night during a fun gathering they had, playing bongos on a couple of barstools.  The missionaries here are normal, everyday people that have taken that step of faith toward the goal that God has given them.  They have packed up everything, including their families, and moved to implant their lives in another culture.  Some of them have moved numerous times, even within the last couple of months, weeks and even days leading up to this conference.  I have been humbled as I listen to their stories of constant transition and have learned a lot that can be applied to our lives and our ministry.  We came to minister and have in return been blessed by these precious servants in Christ!  Read Josh's blog for more personal testimonies and stories about our new friends.
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