Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Errands, Questions and An Incident

This week has been GREAT!  I have had NO expectations to get anything done, but have actually gotten TONS done!!  Today was errand day.  We went in a BIG circle to make all 11 stops.  Man, I've never buckled and unbuckled the car seats that many times in one day, EVER.  

We don't wear shoes much around this household.  I LOVE going bear foot. In fact, the other day when Josh and I went for a walk and I put my tennis shoes on both of my kids made comments because they aren't used to me having close-toed shoes on.  Zeke said "Uh-oh mommy, uh-oh mommy!" with a very concerned look while pointing to my feet, and Areyna said, "Mommy, why do you have those things on your feet?  You should probably take them off."  But, we have an understanding at this house.  Our rule is: "We have to wear shoes at church and in stores, but we can take them off in the car and at home".  Well, wouldn't you know, as soon as we got to the check-out at one of the stores and little boy walked in with his mommy WITH NO SHOES ON!!!  Areyna turned and very loudly asked me, "Why, does that boy not have shoes on?  His mommy should probably go get his shoes."  Uh, what do you say=)
About half-way through our errand stops Areyna randomly asks, "Mommy, why do we have teeth?"  That is only funny because last night after our Bible Devotions she had asked "Mommy, why do we have noses?"  Oh, the questions of a 3-year old=)
Finally, our last stop was to mail off the newsletter.  They were about to tape up the box and I realized that I forgot the paperwork to stick in there.  So, we piled back in the car to run home, grab the paperwork and make 1 more trip out!!  During the final outing the kids wandered around "Goin' Postal" which is decorated with boxes.  I really wasn't paying attention until the worker said with a giggle "Uh, your little boy fell in one of the boxes."  The boxes are all set up and stacked in towers so you can see the different sizes and Zeke had climbed one of the "towers" and fallen in the top box.  He didn't even make a noise or cry out, he just sat there waiting for me to come get him out.  I'm glad the workers were so sweet about it=)
Our errands are complete and the ministry is ALL caught up...for today at least.
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