Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pools and Lightning

We blew up our kiddie pool yesterday, actually I blew it up all by myself, which is no small task!  Areyna has practically LIVED in the thing since I filled it up!  We don't have any pool toys so we've just been using our bathtub toys.  By the way, I'm not quite sure if we are off water restriction so please don't report us=)  Besides, I think it should qualify as a bath since we very diligently conserve water by only giving our kids 2 (it that) baths a week=)  Anyway, if we aren't eating a meal Areyna is IN HER POOL.  Zeke is not a water boy at all.  He doesn't even really like baths all that much.  So, Rainy and Zeke have constructed a game that conforms to both of their worlds.  Areyna plays in the pool, minding her own business, and if any of Zeke's balls come in the water she just throws them back out and giggles.  Then, Zeke goes and chases after the balls, stands on his little designated place, giggles and throws them back in.  It's kind of nice not to have to get Zeke water-ready.  Another funny thing is that I hate taking wet bathing suites on and off, so if Areyna has to go to the bathroom she just gets out of the pool and pees in the grass.  I don't have to move a muscle.  Call it lazy, but I call it fertilizer for our thirsty lawn=)  After dinner we were outside for our late evening dunk in the pool and a storm started rolling in.  I LOVE storms, especially thunderstorms, and Areyna is definitely following in my footsteps.  She squeals with delight when she hears thunder and jumps up and down with the sight of lightning.  We sat outside as long as we possibly could before the storm came.  It was an awesome storm.  We even lost electricity for a few hours which is a definite sign of a good storm.  Areyna liked it until we put them to bed and they couldn't have their fan and music.  After our devotion she even asked us to pray for her because she was sad about the lack of electricity=)
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