Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Window Of Opportunity

I've talked about my sleeping problems before. Here's the thing, if I miss my sleeping "window", which in actuality is not really the size of a window at all for me but the size of a very small crack in a window that you can barely see, then it's over. I am known to get a little hyper and talkative, but that's just what Josh says=)
Today was just like any other fun-filled day around our house, but then we woke the kids up from their nap in order to get to Gastonia (which is about 1 hour away) in time for set-up, rehearsal and the service tonight. The service ended at around 7:30 and then Josh met with the praise team and band to practice for the Sunday we'll be leading with them in a couple weekends. I only played if they needed me, but otherwise I just hung out with the kids and played and danced on the floor. I don't think we got in the car until almost 10pm. They did so good though!! I thought to myself, "surely the kids will be asleep before we leave the parking lot". Not so, they ate the rest of their cold french fries from dinner and Areyna jibber jabbed ALL THE WAY HOME! She was wired...I think she missed her window.
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