Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Story Time

Most every night Josh tells the kids a story before they go to bed.  He is very creative.  Mostly life lessons about a little girl named Rainy and a little boy named Zeke.  He's even added a couple characters named Murray the Muskrat and Sherman the Squirrel.  Anyway, sometimes when Josh will be out late for band practice or a meeting this ritual becomes my responsibility.  My stories, on the other hand, are not so creative.  One night I was about to walk out after turning the lights out and I thought that maybe I had gotten out of story time, but then Zeke cries out "toorey, toorey".  I told them my feelings of inadequacy and Rainy assured me "mommy, you can do it".  She is such an encourager.  Well, last night we had CharlotteOne and we dropped the kids off at the sitters.  When we picked them up after the night's adventures we were asking Areyna about their night.  She assured us that they had a great time and that their babysitter even told them a story.  We were waiting to hear that the story was alright, but not as good as daddy's, of course.  But she was silent, until about 30 sec. later with a replied of, "She was gooder than yours daddy".  Poor Josh, he's been replaced as the best story teller=(
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