Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Little Tidbits

1-I just finished the big bottle/can of hairspray that I bought when I was in 12th grade for the prom. Hmmm. I broke down and bought another can yesterday. I guess I got my money's worth out of that one=)

2-I know it's time to buy a new wand of mascara when I can't figure out why my eyes are really irritated and itchy...then I remember that I have had the same mascara since last Christmas!

3-My little boy prefers mashed potatoes over ice cream and grapes over potato chips. He'd also eat a whole "bunch" of asparagus for dinner if I didn't make him share it with the rest of us=) I mean, what kid that you know of actually likes asparagus.
4-My little girl prefers to run around with high heals, shirt and undies. I like that too, minus the high heals of course=)

5-My husband just declared today a family cleaning day to remind us of the preparation of the passover. Click HERE to see what else he has been passionate over this week!

BONUS TIDBIT: I moved Zeke's bed away from the wall so I could vacuum under it today and the dust actually billowed! He has a pack-n-play so I can't get under it unless I actually move it completely out of the corner so you can imagine how much that happens.
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