Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Maybe Not Such A Bad Move After All

Alright, I know not every action our kids make are a direct reflection of us, the parents, but after writing the post directly under this one this afternoon I couldn't help but feel like I had caused this reaction in Zeke. It is true that because my kids share a room together they will most likely be more comfortable in new environments with each other, BUT we had a breakthrough tonight when I went to pick the kids up from their class at church. A worker approached me and wondered why in the world Zeke was still in the baby/crawler's room. I mean, I am not one to question rules. Josh will be the first to tell you that, right babe? He's probably laughing right now as he remembers my reaction to the teenager jumping out of his "ride" parked in the handicapped parking space at Target or the way I get all huffy and puffy when people...oh, how do I always get off on these rabbit trails. All to say, I'm a stickler for rules. Rules are meant to be followed and I intend on keeping them, just like everyone else should=) If the staff puts my kids in a certain class I don't ever want to be that mom who thinks that mine should be an exception to that rule, unless of course the workers encourage it. So, when this worker made that statement I wasn't sure what to say. She said "no wonder he is so unhappy in his class, he's bored and doesn't have anyone to interact with". So, he will no longer be the discontent kid whose parents always have to be at all 4 services (sorry volunteers), but he will be the content little boy who is supposed to be in the same class as his sister because they are so close in age. Yeah!
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