Thursday, January 31, 2008

Would You Hurry Up!...Oh...I Love You=)

Many of you already know that Josh has been putting the finishing touches on his very first book, The Discovery. I am so proud of him!! It is a devotional book through the book of John geared toward High School and College-aged students. He has been so diligent to get it written and so obedient to the Lord's leading in it, but I'm ready for it to be at the Press already! He warned me about a week or two ago to "just consider this exam week" and I thought I prepared myself, but I just realized that we have another week left in this "exam week". See, he has a strategy...he finds a place to sit, pretty much anywhere, and puts his headphones in his ears and his computer on his lap and zones out, completely engulfed into perfecting this book. This means that 1. he cannot hear Areyna yelling out her door that she has to "peepee" while I'm across the house doing office work 2. he somehow cannot see (or feel) Zeke pulling on his pant leg and whining to hear the music too 3. he cannot hear the front door bell ring even though he's right next to the front door 4. he cannot hear the timer going off in the kitchen while the beans boil over on the stove while I'm changing a stinky diaper 5. he somehow missed that Areyna and Zeke kept coming in to sit on my lap or talk to me while I try to give a violin lesson 6. he cannot hear his phone ringing off the hook right next to get the picture=) His deadline is next Friday and then I'll have my husband back. All joking aside, though, I never realized everything that goes into writing a book and I can't wait to see the finished product. You are going to love the book, no matter what age you are.
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