Thursday, January 24, 2008

OK, That's Just Weird

Josh and I were heading back from a winter conference at Ft. Caswell last Sunday afternoon and we decided it was past time for lunch since the kids were getting a little too cranky. Wendy's seemed like a quick, cheap fix so we stopped. We noticed that all the senior citizens in town had also decided that their Sun. afternoon lunch fix would be fulfilled at this particular Wendy's. We all got our favorites, sat down and devoured our food. Josh finished first so he decided he'd go fill up at the gas station next door while I stayed with the kids. Areyna takes forever because she talks to everyone around her, eats little bites and squirms; Zeke takes forever because, well, he eats more than I do!! Anyway, every couple of min. or so we'd get an elderly visitor at our table who would come over and talk about how cute our kids were, how polite they were, how they warmed up to strangers so quickly, etc. Well, while I was trying to get Areyna to "eat ONE MORE BITE" and clean up Zeke so we could take one more try on the potty before the rest of the ride home, we had a rather ODD encounter with another older couple. After their compliments on our children we just started small talking and as soon as he figured out we were in ministry I knew I was in for it!! He starts going on about how he knew all these SECRETS in the Bible that "not even the good preachers know" such as identical chapters within the Bible, and certain verses that you could "repeat 3 times" to stop bleeding, headaches and various other ailments. It just weirded me out!! Josh came back toward the end of the conversation and has vowed never to leave me alone like that again=) Areyna looked at me later and said "that man was weird". I completely agree Rainy.
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