Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is This Normal?

Areyna is 2 1/2 years old and is in the process of being potty trained. I really want to be the best mom that I can be and naturally I research things to death to figure out what approach we will take and the ones that don't really go along with the way we want to raise our children. I have looked up potty training in dozens of different places and can't really find a good resource. Here is the background. Areyna started on her own in July when she was 29 months. She gave us the signs that led us to believe that she was interested. She knew she couldn't poop and peepee in the pool outside so we brought her little potty outside and she went in that for a long time. Then on our way out the door one day she went poop in the potty and she was so excited. The problem was, we were heading out the door and wouldn't be returning back home for over a week. That has been the problem all along. We travel so much that by the time she gets back into the swing of things we have to leave again and it's terribly hard to be consistent on the road or in an unfamiliar place. So, we thought she finally had it by the time October rolled around. She was in her "big girl undies", (we don't like the "p" word around here=) ), for about 3 weeks, going EVERY time but then all of a sudden, she quits on us. Then, Josh leaves the country for a couple of weeks and it's down hill from there. Josh came back and she is back to going about 1 time a day. Yesterday, Josh put her in room time and said, "Now Rainy, if you have to go potty tell me and you can get a piece of candy." and wouldn't you know a few minutes into room time she has to go. We used to give her candy after every time she would go for a reward but then she was so consistent with it I weaned her down to just a single sticker. It doesn't seem to be doing it for her though. How do you wean a child from the rewards and how long does this back and forth stage go on in potty training? Is this even normal? If you have ANY advice please pass it on. I know it's all in her timing, but when do you have to pull out the big guns because you KNOW she can do it and she's being lazy?
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