Colony Clean

I am very passionate about keeping a peaceful and healthy home.  But with a Colony my size germs are inevitably going to invade the Colony casa.

There are two products that I use on a daily basis that help eliminate chemicals and toxins in our home and help keep our bodies healthy and our immune systems strong.

Young Living Essential Oils

I use essential oils to make recipes from hand soap to sore throat spray, bug spray to sunscreen, treatment against ADHD, OCD and anxiety.
I use them to combat common colds and bugs as well as to prevent an illness that may have taken over a Colony kid's classroom.

Please let me know if I can answer any question you might have about Essential Oils
or how you can get started on your own EO journey for your family!


I know it sounds crazy, but Norwex and water really are all you need to clean your entire house.
My favorite products are the dusting mitt and the mirror/window cloth. Ah-ma-zing!  Make sure you head over to the website and check out these great, chemical-free products!

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