Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bottles Of "Change" To Help "Change" A Life

In my search for simple ways to raise money for our adoption I came across an excellent idea.  You all can help too and it won't cost you hardly anything.  It is also a GREAT way to get your kids involved too.  In fact, we're doing it with our kids and they get SO excited when they can help out!

Here's what you need:
  • A baby bottle - you can pick one up at the $1 store or get one out of your attic like we did, ha!  In all honesty, you could use any container you have to place the label on and save your change.
  • A printer - to print the "tag" at the top of this post that we created of our little girl to tape on your bottle/container
  • Collect change around your house.  For Example: under the couch and cushions, on the floor board of the car and outside in the parking lot.  Although, if you do this last one, make sure you lay down the ground rules it wouldn't be all that productive if you are grabbing change from under a moving vehicle, ya know?:)
So, I'm setting a goal just for fun!

Let's see how many bottles we can fill up with spare change by the end of March!  

Let me know if you are willing to commit to collecting your change for our little Shabila.  Get your kids involved and show them that every penny counts to help change the life of our little girl.  I've got a counter on the right sidebar to keep track of how many bottles we are filling!

~Your donations can be sent through our ministry to be made TAX-DEDUCTIBLE~


Joan said...

I'm horrible at getting projects together but I will do everything I can to get one going! This is a fantastic idea! =)

The Via Colony said...

Thanks Joan!!!

Stacey said...

I'm in! =)

The Via Colony said...

Stacey, you're awesome! This is so exciting:)

the burchard bunch said...

The Burchard's are in:) Can you message me your address so I can get them to you as soon as they are filled up!!

The Via Colony said...

I certainly will Burchard Family!

Ya'll are awesome:)

Katelyn said...

I forgot to comment the other day, but I'm collecting!

Brooke Blackmon said...

Our family is in too:) We are going to see if we can get our community here at IHOP involved as well! Love you guys.